Armenian diaspora doctors propose changes to healthcare system in Armenia

By armrusmedadmin | 2022/02/05

“For systemic changes, the diaspora professionals are needed”

“I think Armenia, first of all, should abandon the approach that the situation in the healthcare system can be improved by building hospitals or training doctors. In my opinion, this is the wrong approach. If we make the transition from the concept of creating a system to the idea of ​​quality assurance, the result can be more significant”, Shant Sheherdimyan said. Shant Shekherdimyan is a public health specialist, who worked abroad as a pediatric surgeon for many years. He received an invitation to work in Armenia a few months ago and moved to his homeland. Now he is an advisor to the Minister of Health and is trying to use his experience to reform the health sector.

“Diaspora can give what we don’t have”

According to David Melik-Nubaryan, a public health specialist and professor at the Yerevan State Medical University, cooperation with the diaspora is extremely important today: “It can give us the main thing – what we don’t have today: skills, experience and work culture. In the post-Soviet period, this culture in our country, it seems to me, has degraded, and the diaspora can help with this”.

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